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will make a wip page you have access to

need your name thingy to give you access.

My username is 'nesbox'

ok, that's weird . I put in nesbox and it said no user found

Hmm, don't know then, maybe try 'Nesbox'

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click here:

then you have access to the files.

I uploaded an example for you, pls check the game and code.

So, in my version car's direction depends of the map tile under the car.

Also I'm using only integer numbers instead floats to avoid number comparsion errors.

Pls try to understand and let me know.


thank you so much!

the code is great :D

on the "JACKJ106 GAMES PRESENTS" i added w/ help of NESBOX

Nice to hear :)


ive got to say, i prefer TIC over PICO8. ive tried and used both, and TIC is... nicer. i like the required FUNCTION TIC(), because it rounds everything up. also, i like that TIC is free, and it is easy to contact the developer to get help :)