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Nice, looking forward to the release so I can record it to YouTube. Also hope you are enjoying the process of making this 26k!


Thanks and ya I have so far, it's been a really good mix of challenge and progress along the way. I'm really looking forward to seeing people play the game and trying to crush eachother's times!

I won't do it for records, I'll just do it to help your game, sound good? Anyway I'm glad your enjoying it because I really think you have a good game here. If I had unity and a computer with more than 2GB of RAM and 32GB of space (It is an Acer Cloudbook), and if I knew how to write better code (<- I didn't know how to word that) I would ask if you wanted my help. Then again, based on your progress it doesn't really seem like you need help, just time, time to work on the game, time to talk to the people that like it (like me), and time to test it. Anyway I'm gonna stop my long speech and finally post this reply. (Also sorry if it doesn't make since, nothing in my brain does (:p) )


Sounds good! I get where you're coming from and appreciate that you're looking forward to my game, it means the world to me.

In terms of the computer and learning to code, maybe take a look at a less demanding dev environment, something like PICO 8? Best thing you can do, regardless of skill, is to just dig in and try making things. Limitations usually make for more creative results anyway!

Thanks, and also thank you for actually taking the time talk to me. Not a lot of game developers even look at the feedback.