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I don't really know why, but I just decided to make an infuriating level, at least to my friend lol. Also, I like how simple the .toml files are set up, it is really easy to add new levels, modify the main menu, and add more levels to the level selections screen. 

Drive to the infuriating level:

Anymore progress on this, or is it currently on hiatus?

Nevermind, they started eating now.

I quite enjoy the new slaves as they make food production easier for me, but I do have one question, do they eat on their own? I only asking because mine keep starving even though I have plenty of potatoes now.

I don't mean to sound rude, but I think you should've read the description

Don't stress yourself about rushing it, just try to get it done on your own time. If you can't get it done within the time limit you set for yourself, that's ok, all that matters is the end product. Also hope you are doing well during quarintine.

How's the progress coming along?

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Download ES File Explorer. That should help you take the .apk file out of the .zip file. Link:

Is this game still happening, I'm only asking because it has been silent for two months. I really don't want this games to fade away into nothing.

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Firstly, sorry for replying so late, secondly,  it's working now.

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I can't do anything on the website, it wont let me connect, however, on, it is working just fine, no problems. Is this just a bug, and/or is it happening to other people

Firstly, I noticed the raids too, it may just be a bug with spawning because of the newest entity, the trader (just a thought).

Secondly, I've had the floor do that to me too. Just refresh and load back into the world, that normally works for me when it happens.

Uh, did anyone else notice the wood flooring? How are we supposed to get wood? Am I missing items or is wood not in game yet?

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Who else has been here since 26k started this game, or am I the only one? (At least one of the last ones to comment)

Edit: I just found out there was one from around 5 years ago. So now the question is, who has been here since the beginning of this version?

Thanks, and also thank you for actually taking the time talk to me. Not a lot of game developers even look at the feedback.

I won't do it for records, I'll just do it to help your game, sound good? Anyway I'm glad your enjoying it because I really think you have a good game here. If I had unity and a computer with more than 2GB of RAM and 32GB of space (It is an Acer Cloudbook), and if I knew how to write better code (<- I didn't know how to word that) I would ask if you wanted my help. Then again, based on your progress it doesn't really seem like you need help, just time, time to work on the game, time to talk to the people that like it (like me), and time to test it. Anyway I'm gonna stop my long speech and finally post this reply. (Also sorry if it doesn't make since, nothing in my brain does (:p) )

Nice, looking forward to the release so I can record it to YouTube. Also hope you are enjoying the process of making this 26k!

First thing, ok yeah, I understand why I can't download it now.
Secondly, thank you for agreeing with my idea. 😊

Sorry for the late comment, but there are Mac emulators for Windows and Linux that you can use to test this game on. I know this because of me trying the emulators out, but that was a while ago on my old computer and I forgot what I used.

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Hey 26k, I noticed something: I look up Max Attack to see if you have added anything else to the game, but nothing pops up. Then I look up Ultrawide and it shows me the first version. Do you know why this is happening?

P.S. This doesn't really bother me much, I'm just wondering why is still calling it Ultrawide if now it's Max Attack.

Edit: How do we download this version?

Edit 2: I also had another idea, what about selectable car colors? (I just asked this because I really like the colors red and black (I know black is a shade, I'm just calling it a color here))

Hi, I'm back and I can finally play your game again. Though I must say that me and my sister enjoy this but we are wondering if you'll ever add a local 2 player option. Also, thank you for replying to my last comment, it showed me that you actually care about your players, which is something a lot of people like.

Thanks, I hope I can get it fixed too. I had a lot of important stuff on there.

I enjoyed playing the prototype of this game several times on my Windows 10 computer, and I bet I would enjoy this new version too, if my computer didn't delete its own OS. Anyway, I hope you keep developing this game.

IDEA: If you could find a way to make this into a mobile version, I would definitely play it anywhere I go.