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Happy to hear that, ya, definitely expect a Rivals-esque improvement curve on all aspects :D

Thanks for playing! I think a lot of erratic partner play and missed balls should be easy to clear up as I get to see more people play the game over time, so videos like this are a lot of help even if they're probably not tons of fun :)

Thank you, appreciate the encouragement!

No, it's a singular license for a single user and not for redistribution...

Hey, thanks for checking it out!

Unfortunately no, this version of the game is for PC only.

ya, this is currently on pause while I'm working on Sunday Rivals. It's definitely a game I want to return to in the future, just need to figure out a design for it that I can actually complete :)

Still figuring out a date, but the plan is the next version will be an Early Access release.

Great video, super thorough and I'm glad you're enjoying it :D

oh ya, this version is practically ancient now :)

Really entertaining, thank you!

Thank you, that's awesome to hear! Looking forward to putting more work into it!

Still working on it, just haven't been posting here much. Twitter is probably your best bet to stay up to date on the project!

Sounds good! I get where you're coming from and appreciate that you're looking forward to my game, it means the world to me.

In terms of the computer and learning to code, maybe take a look at a less demanding dev environment, something like PICO 8? Best thing you can do, regardless of skill, is to just dig in and try making things. Limitations usually make for more creative results anyway!

Thanks and ya I have so far, it's been a really good mix of challenge and progress along the way. I'm really looking forward to seeing people play the game and trying to crush eachother's times!

I've left the original page alone for the time being, but I should probably update it enough to explain the name change and what's currently being developed! To be clear, Max Attack is going to be a full release with an early access window, so whenever I hit that point in development you'll be able to play the new version. Before that happens, I'll clear up the ultrawide confusion tho!

Thanks for the suggestion on the colors, the rough plan I have is to have a handful of skins for each vehicle in the game, but all that is just in the idea phase right now. I agree that some level of customization would be nice!

Glad to hear you got your computer situation squared away, a lot has changed since your last comment!

So currently local multiplayer isn't something I have planned for launch at this time. I don't like ruling anything out this early in production, but there are some logistic problems that I'm not sure I'd be able to solve without hampering single player development which is the core of this game. Thanks for the question tho, I hope you and your sister continue to enjoy the game!

Oh right, it's for damage. It works, but the damage model is pretty un-fun right now so I leave it off and as a result haven't done much work on it yet!

Thank you! I'm hoping to do more video content in the future!

Ya, overall it makes you drive more aggressively  which in turns makes the race a lot more intense. Boosting with the new vehicle is an entirely different experience, I can't wait to show it off :)

Hey, I hope to at some point! I don't have a mac to develop on so I feel a bit weird putting a version out there completely untested, but I'll figure out something down the road...

Yes to everything you said, across the board :D

I need to create some sort of decal/permanent debris system that can live on the track to better sell the cut like you mentioned. Along with that, there needs to be an additional effect along with the ones in there now that emphasizes the contact along the side that is scraping. The chunks that are flying up now are just cubes, so some mesh variation will be the next step and possibly some smoke to tie it altogether. 

Rumble is a necessity for sure, but I've never actually coded that before... something else I need to look into soon! Appreciate the feedback!

Hey, glad you got a chance to enjoy the game, even if for only a little bit :)

I'm well into development now so hopefully you'll get a chance to play a new version down the road. I haven't ruled out any platforms, but my priority for the immediate future is a desktop release and then we'll see what makes sense from there. Hope you get your PC situation figured out!

Thanks! Yup, there's a handful of things that went in after the prototype that I've already forgotten about :D

Thanks! Ya, the plan is to have full remap available in the future but I hadn't put too much thought into giving precise analog control of acceleration like that as an option... interesting, I'll have to give that a try!

thanks for playing, definitely more to come!

Thanks for playing!

That's great info, thanks for the feedback!

oh shoot, I completely missed that checkbox... done!

Thanks! Agreed on boosts, something I'm looking to add in the future in one form or another

Thank you for playing and I'm really happy you're digging it! It's great to hear folks enjoying the controls, it's the #1 reason this prototype exists. Lap and race records are definitely in the works right now.

Maybe one day, focusing on PC for the immediate future.

Awesome to hear and I'm  hoping it turns into something bigger as well, heading that way now...

Thanks for playing!

Not sure I follow, what do you mean?

Good to hear, I'll keep going!


Maybe... I'm a bit uncomfortable releasing something I can't test first.

Thank you for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! Agreed about the collision stuff, especially at high speeds and perpendicular angles the kickback and slowing could be greatly increased. I do want to leave some room for using the side rails strategically, but ya it's too rubbery right now!

In terms of the braking, I've been thinking about trying out a dedicated brake button at some point, but I want to see if it makes sense to have different cars handle drastically different first. I like your idea of assisting the turns tho, kinda like the F-Zero lean buttons.

right on, ya the old version of ultrawide was a different beast and took some real mastery to play, but honestly a lot of that was due to deficiencies on my part as a programmer/developer and less a result of any specific design decisions. This version is indeed early, but my hope is to make a more accessible game with a longer curve towards mastery. Anything in particular from the old version you think could be brought over to improve the new direction?


Nice work, these are great videos! Thanks for checking out the game, I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it