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thanks for playing, definitely more to come!

Thanks for playing!

That's great info, thanks for the feedback!

oh shoot, I completely missed that checkbox... done!

Thanks! Agreed on boosts, something I'm looking to add in the future in one form or another

Thank you for playing and I'm really happy you're digging it! It's great to hear folks enjoying the controls, it's the #1 reason this prototype exists. Lap and race records are definitely in the works right now.

Maybe one day, focusing on PC for the immediate future.

Awesome to hear and I'm  hoping it turns into something bigger as well, heading that way now...

Thanks for playing!

Not sure I follow, what do you mean?

Good to hear, I'll keep going!


Maybe... I'm a bit uncomfortable releasing something I can't test first.

Thank you for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! Agreed about the collision stuff, especially at high speeds and perpendicular angles the kickback and slowing could be greatly increased. I do want to leave some room for using the side rails strategically, but ya it's too rubbery right now!

In terms of the braking, I've been thinking about trying out a dedicated brake button at some point, but I want to see if it makes sense to have different cars handle drastically different first. I like your idea of assisting the turns tho, kinda like the F-Zero lean buttons.

right on, ya the old version of ultrawide was a different beast and took some real mastery to play, but honestly a lot of that was due to deficiencies on my part as a programmer/developer and less a result of any specific design decisions. This version is indeed early, but my hope is to make a more accessible game with a longer curve towards mastery. Anything in particular from the old version you think could be brought over to improve the new direction?


Nice work, these are great videos! Thanks for checking out the game, I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it