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My current game list in sequence are:-

Lustful Spirit Hunt, HTA Annie's Story, CB remake, 30 Day Maid, Zombie game, Other World, Backrooms related, IQ(Rockman like), HTA2 and Magic Ring.

After this will retire from making games.

donc la tu va travailler sur haleys valley et après faire de nouveaux jeu ?

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So, you plan for the rest of...10 years to work?

And, as a joke, ,,You are not allowed to retire!,,

Anyway, LSH will be done i guess in 2024-2025 feb, HTA annie`s story in 2025 autumn or faster as it will have only 2-3 levels, CB maybe in 2026 spring to summer, 30 DM idk,maybe around 2027 summer, zombie game again, depends on what u planed, in 2028, other world 2029, Backrooms 2030....and so on till 2033? 

LAGS will keep doing this until 2077......

LAGS will become a MACHINE GOD

That's alot, after you finish your list, we gonna miss you