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Hi, Dan, welcome to RPGénesis!

Interesting concept - are you thinking of using the "four humours" approach in regards to the "people's essences"?

In regarding to titles, that is normally something I struggle with (my first project only got a title one day before the end of the event) so feel free to ask for suggestions. It was a friend who helped me get my title.


No, the essences will be more like freeform traits, like "violent" or "generous". Before I started writing I thought I was going to take some inspiration from a previous game I've written where the traits all have a positive and negative aspect (an example from that game: the "genius" trait had the positive aspect "clever" and the negative aspect "arrogant"), but as I've been thinking about it I'm not sure if that will work. I realized today as I started writing the game that my ideas about how I want the mechanics to work are still pretty fuzzy.

I definitely have trouble with titles, and I may ask for suggestions later in the week, but I want to focus on my mechanics first.