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The points is to catch all 10 comets.

The game was meant to be developed by 3 people, but my companionships didn't make it... so I did from almost 0 all the game in like 12 hours, that's why the core game loop is sooooo sloopy, sorry for that.

Tbh, the best way to play my game right now is to press start button and look at it for 2-3 minutes best interactive experience 2019.

And you actually can make comets gravitaty, is just that is tricky as hell with current settings.


Sorry to read that, it gotta suck to have companions like that. However you did manage to get far in just 12 hours. Not much of a game, but it is pretty, the game, the page and the art, i assure you that, looks polished and made with love.

Thank you.
Yeah, it sucks when people "let you down", but I don't ressent them, they just need more experience in game development.
I did my best and try out to make the best "product" possible. I know that as a game is not my best attempt, yet as a product is one of the best i've made in such short amount of time. At least visuals and audio are pretty, hope that somehow compensate for core gameplay 😔.

I didn't had experience on game development before either, you know, this was my first jam. And so i'm grateful that, besides not making the game i expected, i did learn a lot of things, most of all the dicipline of getting things done and in time, waking up early and care about it. I'm currently looking for people with those intentions too, because i really enjoyed the experience. I'm a musician, and i love making sound effects and 2D art, so hit me if you wanna make something in the future.

My game in the jam if you want to look at my art is Bass Boss (don't know why can't paste urls in this site on phone x.x). I actually made a two tunes and made the sound effects but the programmer couldn' get it in time.

My discord is fela #9204, got a soundcloud for my music if you're interested.

K, I added you on Discord. I am quite curious to talk with you up there.