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Hello! I bought this game on Steam 2 days ago. I have finished the four (Edit: five) romance routes and ended all with a happy ending, but I can't seem to get to the secret route (no new option on Day 1).

For you to be sure I got all four (Edit: five) endings, I will list the CGs I haven't got to prevent spoilers to anti-spoiler fellows XD I know how sucked it is to be spoilered -_-

I will use (x, y) coordinate (haha I feel silly). I haven't got the CG (4,2) in page one and (5,3); (1,2); and (2,2) on page two. Hope this can give you certainty that I have cleared the four (Edit: five) endings. But if this isn't enough, I can summarize the endings I got.

Do I have to pursue another endings? I know there are other endings aside from I have pursued. But if that's not the case, is there something I didn't do? I want to read Secret's route! X.X

Thank you for answering. And after I played all routes, I will write a review <3

Hello, PangHerHeart - sorry to hear you are having trouble.

Hmm, four romance routes? Well, there are six in total including the secret route, so that sounds like you are missing someone. 

But, from the CGs you mentioned (clever way of avoiding spoilers, by the way ^_^) I don't think you are missing any of the romances. Do you want to email me at 

I can get some more details from you and we won't have to worry about spoilers ^_^

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Oh wait I mean 5 XD Sorry, I didn't check lol

Thank you for the opportunity, but I don't know what else I can tell you except that I have romanced the 5, but I still don't get the new option to activate Secret's route X.X

But at the second thought I will just email you regardless. That way you can ask whatever details you need. Thank you for the fast reply!


Thank you, I am replying now.