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I'm super late to the party but I still wanted to leave a comment. I went into this game totally blind and nearly choked on my food when I saw the sprites. Then I had a good laugh at the characters' names. This game helped me release some stress and gave me a much needed laugh, so thanks for making this!

Despite the awesome comedy, the happy endings for each character were really heartfelt and even bittersweet at times. I especially liked the friendship between Spine and the MC. It was so wholesome and made me like her even more. 

I gotta ask though, in Momotarou's CGs, are they laying on the bathroom floor? That's all I could think about during those scenes and I need to know the truth.

Also, love the Hatoful Boyfriend vibes in this game! :D

Thanks for making Froot Basket Valentine, I had a lot of fun with it!

Oh! No worries! You're not late to anything hahaha! I appreciate your comment~! 

I'm glad it gave you a laugh Cx It was supposed to be a gag game at first, but I really wanted to try something different. I'm also happy you liked the endings! 

I had a lot of fun writing Spine. I think deep down she's a lot like me in a way (hence the pineapple, bahaha). And yes! They are on the bathroom floor in those CGs, ehehe... Not very appealing or romantic to know that... ahaha so gross... ^_^;

Thank you very much for playing my game! Cx