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I had a lot of fun playing this game and getting to know the characters. For all it's goofiness, it was still incredibly engaging, and all the characters are lovable. Though Pierro is still best boy. 

Also, as a fellow microbiologist, I was ecstatic to see some microbiology representation. Never thought I'd see a character with this profession, and in an otome of all places. 

Anyway, thank you so much for making this game! It really brightened up my day and put a smile on my face!

This game is absolutely gorgeous; probably one of the prettiest otome games I've ever played. The character designs are memorable and unique, the CGs and backgrounds are breathtaking, and the music is good! However, while the plot is intriguing, I felt like the writing could be improved upon.  The presentation of the characters' reactions to some situations felt a bit unrealistic and pulled me away from the immersion, and I sometimes wondered how Miyoko actually felt about certain things since her feelings weren't clear to me.  

Despite this, I did enjoy Dark Nights a lot and I can tell that a lot of care and effort went into its production. I loved how the romance didn't feel rushed or forced, instead it developed naturally during the story's progression. Even more, I loved that side characters got to play important roles in the story and got development. Roya and Jace are probably my favourite side characters, I honestly can't get enough of them. 

As far as routes go, I probably liked Sachiro's and Junoru's routes the most. And surprisingly enough, I liked the normal endings a lot more than the romance endings. The normal ends were more emotionally packed for me and provided answers to some mysteries regarding the characters. They were really great and totally worth getting. 

Thank you so much Pinlin, for creating and sharing Dark Nights with us! If you decide to make another game in the future, I'll be looking forward to it!

I'm super late to the party but I still wanted to leave a comment. I went into this game totally blind and nearly choked on my food when I saw the sprites. Then I had a good laugh at the characters' names. This game helped me release some stress and gave me a much needed laugh, so thanks for making this!

Despite the awesome comedy, the happy endings for each character were really heartfelt and even bittersweet at times. I especially liked the friendship between Spine and the MC. It was so wholesome and made me like her even more. 

I gotta ask though, in Momotarou's CGs, are they laying on the bathroom floor? That's all I could think about during those scenes and I need to know the truth.

Also, love the Hatoful Boyfriend vibes in this game! :D

Thanks for making Froot Basket Valentine, I had a lot of fun with it!

I really liked the demo and what you did with the interface. This game has such a unique atmosphere to it that really draws you in. Really excited to see how each character's story will unfold. Keep up the great work!

I love almost everything about the demo! The art, the music, atmosphere, and especially the plot and 3D graphics! Erika also seems like a fantastic MC and I'm curious to see how her relationships with the other characters will unfold. 

One thing I had a bit of trouble with was the settings menu. Although I set the text speed to max, the text still appeared very slowly on my screen. I also had to click multiple times on the setting adjustment bars and save and load buttons to save or load my game because it didn't register during the first click.

Otherwise, this seems like a great game and I'm impatient to play more of it! Really looking forward to the final product and wish your team all the best in its making!