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I don't know how far a long I am exactly, maybe half way?  AND I JUST LOVE THIS SO MUCH.  Initially I didn't really like any of the gods except Kien, but they've all grown on me.  It's such a fantastic and well plotted story I'm racing through it at a rapid pace.  I love how much customization I have personality wise too (though it's something I'm rapidly beginning to expect rom your games after DDBS and TROS and now this one) and I just love it so much!

Normally I play through with a guide to get the perfect end right from the start but this one I was compelled to do a blind play through and I'm just really enjoying the whole journey.  I like how it's a bit more mature too, I love TROS and DDBS, but I like the darkness that HG carries, most visual novel games I've played are either straight up horror fests/complete grim dark angst machines or pure light and fluffiness and HG is striking a wonderful balance between them.

Thank you so much for your hard work, I'll probably report back after I've finished the other routes at least once but I just needed to yell how much I'm enjoying it.


Thanks for the feedback, NiKaWo - I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed the game so far. 

Providing the option to customise your personality as far as possible is something that is important to me. It's what I like most about otome/rpgs so I want other people who enjoy it to get that same experience, too - I happy to know you are one of them. 

Thank you for your support through the development process and, of course, thank you for playing. I look forward to hearing what you thought once you finished the game.