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Ohhhh, this is such a fun game! Lovely old school feel, Binding of Isaac vibes, clever little brain teasing puzzles that you don't usually expect to see in a dungeon crawler, cutesy enemies (that you may or may not feel kinda bad about killing), endless loot, a dodgy shopkeeper... yup, this certainly ticks all the boxes for me!

This demo was a blast, and I will undoubtedly be diving into the full version of the game at some point in the future. And I would highly recommend that you all give the demo a try as well, and it you ain't as hooked as I am then heck, you must just hate gold and adventuring and all that good stuff!

Keep up the awesome work Wolod, haven't had this much fun since I played Nymphiad, ha! =)


Hey Mike! Great video man! Congrats on cracking that puzzle :D