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I just finished it.

art is very good. BGs, sprites, UI, everything is good-looking. very original main menu design. it's unusual that "character creation" question are not part of the same scene. But it's more natural this way. route selecting menu is very original idea

I realy like the plot. the begenning was a bit weird. It's unusual place to start a game. I relly enjoyed the story of the route I chose...

Capriana <3

Not gonna lie, I was intested in only her route. She is very adorable, cute and sweet. I like her style and personality. Very possitive and colorful person. Fun to be with and she has a deep bakcstory and complicated personality.

Great game ♥

Thank you very much! I'm glad to hear you enjoy our sunshine's route~

Do give her route another try to see her POVs BTW!