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Let me just get straight to the point. I love this. I love everything about it.

It's got a wonderful old-school point and click adventure game vibe whilst looking sleek and modern. It's got top-notch voice acting. It's got really good puzzles that took me way longer to figure out than I'd like to admit. It looks gorgeous. It's got a lot of self-awareness and rib-tickling Easter Eggs.

But most of all, it's got heart.

I don't really need to push this game on you if you like point and click games. Because you'll like this. But if you're not so sure about this style of game or haven't given many a try, put this on your to-play list.

I really hope we get to see more of this game, because there's so much that can be done with these characters and this setting. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled, and to the fine folks at Chaosmonger Studio I say keep at it! =)


Thanks a lot! Very flattering!