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Thank you for playing Bang Bang VR! I enjoyed watching your video and I am pleased you enjoyed the game! Multiplayer support is indeed on top of my list.


Multiplayer sounds great! You know I was watching myself play here and realized it would nice to also have smooth locomation, perhaps that's in there I can't remember.

Also a couple other comments:

Multiplayer would be cool to be able to play against multiple players rather than just one, maybe that's planned.

When a level starts I think the cannon was lined up pretty straight sometimes, maybe it should be a bit randomized for left/right.

Thank you for all the feedback! 

I'm definitely thinking about multi crews versus each other for multiplayer. Maybe even full civil war style with 2 armies against each other. I will basically leave it up to the player to decide how they want to play. Once multiplayer is in, it is not so hard to have more or less players.

I will also put different styles of locomotion in there. Probably as an option in the menu for you to choose.

The random rotation offset is also a good one. It's on the list. 

Again, thank you for the feedback.