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Dennis Dellemann

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Thank you for playing Bang Bang VR! I really like the idea of this and will definitely try it out.

Thank you for all the feedback! 

I'm definitely thinking about multi crews versus each other for multiplayer. Maybe even full civil war style with 2 armies against each other. I will basically leave it up to the player to decide how they want to play. Once multiplayer is in, it is not so hard to have more or less players.

I will also put different styles of locomotion in there. Probably as an option in the menu for you to choose.

The random rotation offset is also a good one. It's on the list. 

Again, thank you for the feedback. 

Thank you for playing Bang Bang VR! I enjoyed watching your video and I am pleased you enjoyed the game! Multiplayer support is indeed on top of my list.

What do you want to see in Bang Bang VR?
This is the place to get your ideas out.

Bang Bang VR community · Created a new topic Post Bugs Here

Please report any bugs you find in here.
As a solo dev it can be hard to find all the bugs, so I need your help.