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Multiplayer sounds great! You know I was watching myself play here and realized it would nice to also have smooth locomation, perhaps that's in there I can't remember.

Also a couple other comments:

Multiplayer would be cool to be able to play against multiple players rather than just one, maybe that's planned.

When a level starts I think the cannon was lined up pretty straight sometimes, maybe it should be a bit randomized for left/right.

Oh, ok... You have to be sitting, haha.

I play lots of games with openVR/SteamVR support that have the controllers visible so it must be able to do it. If you ever look into it again and make an update let me know and I will test again for you.

Thanks for the game!

This is a great start so far! 

I think this could be a fun little game with multiplayer support. I made a Youtube video of 3 free VR games from this game is right at the start of the video here:

Very nice work, great "show off" type VR experience for people to expose first time VR users with. I have this as part of video of 3 videos from You can check it out here, I only recorded a little bit of it so people can check out the other 90% on their own. Here is the video (yours starts at 6:23 into it):

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The game looks promising so far, need a little more clear instruction on how to work the machines... Couldn't figure out how to make more certain potions. I was also a little close to the roof it seemed, so I played on my knees. My controllers weren't visible as well (using a WMR device).

I have a video of the gameplay as part of a collection of 3 games I got from Here is the link, Elemental Elixirs starts at the 3:30 mark.

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This is a well made fun little gem. Thanks for putting it out for free, I enjoyed it and will recommend it through my videos I create.

I played using my Samsung Galaxy Odyssey+ and it worked just fine for me.

This is the vid I made:

Awesome game, the steamVR version looks even better. Can't wait to try that out when I get some cash and some time. I had some suggestions, but it looks like you've covered most of them in the steamVR video I saw. I made my own video of the gameplay if you're interested.

Thanks for this game! The combo of fishing and shooting is fun for some reason, the frantic nature I guess of trying to accomplish 2 tasks without much time. I created a video of this game and had a lot of fun doing it I used my Windows Mixed Reality device without any real issues at all, worked well.

I really like the feel of this game, played for a long time and didn't start feeling off like I do with some games. I think it would be cool to have a flashlight and a map that is not populated, but fills out as you explore. Looking forward to the Steam version when it gets released.

I created video of the gameplay here: