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Can you add function which if some user hasnt installed or his gpu unsupport opengl 3.1 to throw to opengl2.1?

Ah, it doesn't work for you with OpenGL 3.1? Sadly, one of my development machines befell the same fate.

It's quite a bit of work, but yes, I will prioritize getting this done in the next release. Does your machine support OpenGL ES 2.0?

My GPU only support OpenGL 2.1

You can do support for OpenGL es 2 in projects settings.I am too using Godot engine.

Oh cool, another Godot user! :D

Eman Quest uses Godot 3.0.6. Upgrading is not (that) simple, because it breaks a bunch of things - things I did badly (like mixing static/instance methods, naming functions "get" and "set," using reflection, and a few other things).

I'm working through all the changes now. If you can sit tight for a few days, I should have a new build out.


Thanks and I have linux.For 2D games is graphics still  same if you use opengl es 2.0 .

Cool, thanks. Can you try Eman Quest v1.0.5 (just published)? It should work for you. It's compatible with OpenGL 3.1. and OpenGL ES 2.0 from what I understand.


Yes,I can.

Great, glad to hear it works for you.

It's works fine for me.Can you add multiplayer?

Sorry, I don't have any plans to add multiplayer.