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The main skills that I found confusing were Brozag's. I couldn't tell what his different stances did. For instance, it said "Bear stance," but what benefit does that give him?

Oh, I got it. Brozag's skills makes him assume an animal stance during all battle, and depending on his stance, he gains 3 new skills. The Bear Stance grants him the skills Bear paw, Bearthquake and Bloody bear. Once the battle is over, the stance goes off, and so the three skills, but he can assume the stance again in whenever you want.
You are right, maybe it's a bit to confusing for a first time player, but I'm preparing a game manual. :)

Okay. Interesting. I would add a brief description in addition to the fuller explanation in the manual. Something like, "Bear stance - provides 3 strength-based battle skills". Or however you can word it to give the player an idea of what they'd be getting.