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Thank you for the review! I would like to answer some parts of your comment:

Story: Well, I admit the game has a simple main story, but my main focus was to tell the reasons all the characters have to fight in the arena, as well their relationships with each others. As the player reaches in the Silver Division, the antagonist appears, and depending on who is the main character (Aaron or Nadine), the player will learn more about the main plot of the game.

Characters: My main focus on the characters was to make all of them viable in battle. I want the player can play with their favorites, and I want their favorites to be useful, so I spend a lot of time thinking in their attributes, equipment and skills.

Writing: That was, without a doubt, my main flaw, but thanks to a good friend of mine, all writing errors was corrected, and the current version available to download has near zero errors. There is a LOT of text in the game, and maybe I couldn't correct them all yet, but I'm sure I will do this in the final version.

Mapping: Well, The Mighty Clan is a One Map Game, it’s a challenge, and so the Adventus map is the only one during all gameplay. That's why the shop owners are outside the houses.

Art: I can't draw, so I did improvise with internet images and battle backgrounds in the expedition’s scenes.

Creative design: There are three things I had in mind when making The Mighty Clan: The game has to be a strong replay value; the game must be challenging, and the game has to be funny to do a speedrun, and this speedrun is based on the days the player spend to beat the game, or how quick the player can have a score of 100%. Yeah, there is a score system already working on the game, but it will only appear in the final version.

Gameplay: I did some changes, and now all the salesman will not repeat the opening line, neither the mercenary at the tavern will tell their stories again.

About the skill's descriptions, I really think it is well explained. Take a look at the Aaron's first skill description:

Dual attack in a single foe.

Attributes: STR and GUT. May critical.

It's a dual attack, hits only one foe, is based on Strength and Guts attributes, and there is a chance it will land a critical hit. A based it in the pokémon attacks descriptions.

About saving, like I said before, I wanted this game to be a challenge and if the player can save before every single battle it is not a challenge at all. But the player can save whenever he wants, even before all battles, but it will cost him money. Each saving scroll is only 75 Zenary, and you can buy it anytime with the alchemist. It's not a big deal

Technical: The bug you have appointed is already solved, and I thank you for that. I think I would never see that bug by myself.

Music:  Here my only role was to choose the best music I could find and put it in the right places. The real heroes here are the composers. Sound: Same as music, but I admit that voice acting would be great in this game.


Once again, I would like to thank you for this amazing review. I hope you can download the final version and to it again. And I also hope that with the full version of The Mighty Clan I can get a better score. Hahaha!

The main skills that I found confusing were Brozag's. I couldn't tell what his different stances did. For instance, it said "Bear stance," but what benefit does that give him?

Oh, I got it. Brozag's skills makes him assume an animal stance during all battle, and depending on his stance, he gains 3 new skills. The Bear Stance grants him the skills Bear paw, Bearthquake and Bloody bear. Once the battle is over, the stance goes off, and so the three skills, but he can assume the stance again in whenever you want.
You are right, maybe it's a bit to confusing for a first time player, but I'm preparing a game manual. :)

Okay. Interesting. I would add a brief description in addition to the fuller explanation in the manual. Something like, "Bear stance - provides 3 strength-based battle skills". Or however you can word it to give the player an idea of what they'd be getting.