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Hi, Alkain! I just started playing your game. Nothing happens after I click to read the email.  I can't re-select the  computer after this dialogue closes and I can't go down the stairs until I read the email.

Excellent! I'm still having fun with this, by the way. Nice job on the AI!

This seems like a fun game. A few suggestions for gameplay:

1. I would like to be able to zoom in on cards the enemy played and also on my own cards once they're on the board. I want to zoom in on the cards, not the entire board.

2. The Tutorial popping up every few seconds is annoying.

Otherwise, well done! I look forward to more.

This looks like an interesting game with good artwork and music. It's a bit difficult to get started though.  I didn't make it through the first match. Here are my suggestions.

1. Have an arrow indicating the object above the first opponent is the card he's referring to. I kept looking for the "card" and almost stopped playing because I thought the object above him was just a placard for his character.

2. Get rid of the timer, at least for the first few matches. I didn't even have time to read all my cards before the timer passed.

3. I get the marbles, but I need a better explanation of how to earn points.

4. Launch with an optional tutorial that tells which cards to play from your hand and why they're the best play for that round. That will help new players get the hang of the game.