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I don't understand the principle behind the puzzle where sometimes pieces that should interlock won't connect. Am I missing something obvious?

Just got past it, by just trying to connect them repeatedly? Is this a glitch or did I just brute-force the puzzle? (It's the 3x3 grid level)

It seems a few people have reported this problem, and I'm not sure I understand what's going as I haven't managed to reproduce it.

Here's the general rules:

  • If you drop a piece (stop power) it will try to connect with matching pieces AND check if the puzzle is complete (if yes it opens the door)
  • Sometimes seemingly "compatible" pieces can stand next to each other without forming a group (if you did a "ground pound" for instance) groups are only formed when you stop grabbing/power (press C again)
  • The puzzle can be considered complete even if some pieces are not technically grouped, it just needs to be in the right place.

There you go, not sur if that makes sense or even cover the potential bug you have ;)

Thanks for the feedback anyway it's very useful !!

Wish I could provide better feedback but it doesn't happen super consistently, the 3x3 puzzle is just the worst one for it. If it helps at all, the pieces that go in the middle of the top and bottom rows are the ones that, for me, almost always fail to connect. It happened some in later puzzles, but never before that puzzle.