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Alexandre Szybiak

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Thanks ! That's what exactly how I wanted people to feel while playing the game, relaxed.

Don't give up it's the last level :)

Thanks ! I plan to continue its developement yes

Great, this video is very valuable to me in order to track the bug, thank you very much :)

Damn I know this bug. I'll try to reproduce it. Thanks a lot !

Thanks for the feedback I'm starting to see what is the bug :) glad you enjoyed !

Hi !

Yes it auto-saves the level you're in, so you can press escape to go to the title screen and start again it will take you back to the last level you reached.

Indeed level selection and a menu would be ideal. I'll think about it :)

Thanks for your feedback !

It seems a few people have reported this problem, and I'm not sure I understand what's going as I haven't managed to reproduce it.

Here's the general rules:

  • If you drop a piece (stop power) it will try to connect with matching pieces AND check if the puzzle is complete (if yes it opens the door)
  • Sometimes seemingly "compatible" pieces can stand next to each other without forming a group (if you did a "ground pound" for instance) groups are only formed when you stop grabbing/power (press C again)
  • The puzzle can be considered complete even if some pieces are not technically grouped, it just needs to be in the right place.

There you go, not sur if that makes sense or even cover the potential bug you have ;)

Thanks for the feedback anyway it's very useful !!

Thanks a lot, I tried to spend as much time as I could on creating levels. I wish I could add more level but I feel I've explored all the possibilities my current mechanics offers. Maybe if I add more mechanics like box pushing, triggers, doors, etc...

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Puzezl is a puzzle platformer that takes place inside a jigsaw puzzle, you have to reorder the pieces of the world around you to succed.

Play it for free now -> Play Puzezl

This version is a prototype and I plan to continue its developement in the future.

I found it amazing so I'll take the time to point out a few bugs/annoyance I found 

- I was able to save the game while being eaten by a squirrel, which broke my save

- Putting the large green cushion on the front door doesn't barricade it, while the toy box does (which kind of makes sense but since they move at the same speed, I guess they are the same weight, anyway it was frustrating :) )

- Taking medication that often is annoying, 

I didn't mind the quirky and complex controls, I feel they fit here in this game, I really dig your game and hope you'll finish it.