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The game is playable. It s set to 1 player mode with left player controlled with Pad 1. I don t know what is wrong with your emu config, but it works for me and everybody who has  been trying it over the last 10 months.

Please post your pp email and i will refund you. doesn t allow me to refund donations.

Maybe is not hosting the latest version. Where can I find the latest version?

This version is the last public one ever uploaded. I ve downloaded it to make sure everything was ok.

Send me a message from my fb page so that i can refund you through your PP acct :)

I won't ask  for a refund if you state which emulators are tested and working with the demo clearly before a donation is made.

I just loaded the game in Mednafen and it does work but it's just a game starts playing and that's it. It doesn't even have a pause function.

You can play the game though in Mednafen.