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Thank you very much for your support, i appreciate it :)


The project is postponed for now. I have been looking for a chiptuner 2 years ago and then i gave up and moved to other projects.
I may come back on this project later, but for now, i'm focussing on other things :)

Thank you for the nice feedback :)
Stay tune, some updates will be posted soon !

This version is the last public one ever uploaded. I ve downloaded it to make sure everything was ok.

Send me a message from my fb page so that i can refund you through your PP acct :)

The game is playable. It s set to 1 player mode with left player controlled with Pad 1. I don t know what is wrong with your emu config, but it works for me and everybody who has  been trying it over the last 10 months.

Please post your pp email and i will refund you. doesn t allow me to refund donations.

This rom is a 10 moths or so outdated version. It should still play on gens. I ve just tested it on android with md.emu and i can play it.

Send me your email for paypal and i will transfer back your 2$. Note that this rom is free for download, the 2$ proposal is only there to support the ongoing work ;)

Thanks a lot for your great feedback ! I really appreciate all the feedback that you and other players have also given and i'm working on some little improvements.

Lots of people seem to be confused by the parasol launch mecanic, which is explained in the game manual but not on screen. I'm implementing some dialog box to explain it the first time you perform these actions.

I'm also correcting the extra N on the Typo

Regarding the other 2 points, these were actually done on purpose.

- Bonus areas: These have been imagined as hiden rooms which the player must find. This gives a little challenge as you need to explore the levels. Also, you only have one chance to complete them. If you do and then die, the room will be locked.

- Mid Stage check points or extra life point: I wanted the game to be a die and retry as the levels aren't huge, excepted for the Monster World which is mostlikely the most challenging one. My 10 year old son get to the 3td round without too many frustration,  come on guies ! :) Also, the game is auto-saved each time you move to a new Round (after each boss).

I will upload the changes today :)

Thanks for your feedbacks mates, i'll work on the V1.1 keeping them in mind.
As it related to the parasol load status, i've hit a wall where i had to choose between less enemies frames or the load status. I didn't found any ressource free way to make it happen for now :(

It s just a proof of concept so far.

i m going to continue the developpement with many levels, different bosses and ennemies ;)