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I just loaded the game in Mednafen and it does work but it's just a game starts playing and that's it. It doesn't even have a pause function.

You can play the game though in Mednafen.

I won't ask  for a refund if you state which emulators are tested and working with the demo clearly before a donation is made.

Maybe is not hosting the latest version. Where can I find the latest version?

When I can play it, I'll contribute.

It's still just a screen of the game playing itself.

Could I have a refund please.

I think it should be made clear the game is not playable.


Let me try in Gems.

I need a refund for this.

The game is not playable.

It's just a screen of the game and nothing happens when I push a button.

Music plays.

When I donated money, I was under the impression that the game was playable.