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The art for this game is BOMB AS HECK I love the lil character guy and his gun is very snappy & responsive, it's fun how you can shoot it in a full arc instead of just to the left or right. The background is completely beautiful and creates a great atmosphere :D It's challenging and I personally appreciate that a lot in a game, don't want to just roll through something too easily after all; I had to learn to be predictive with the speed of gunfire vs the enemies. Pushing the blocks around for a jumping off point was a cool mechanic.

some bugs I think I found: I got killed by the first big jellyfish boss guy and when I hit "try again" and went through the level again, the boss did not spawn after the little jellyfishes came down to attack me; after a few restarts I deduced that the reason was that I, being the wily player I am, kept skipping the first sluggy guy after my first playthrough afterI realized you could hop onto the block above it, and it *seems* that failing to defeat all previous monsters in the level prevents the boss from spawning - but also, once you are in the boss area you aren't allowed to go back and shoot any enemies you missed, so you have to start all over. Also, I wish I could give more thorough feedback about this, but I wasn't able to pinpoint exactly when it was happening D:, but double jump seemed to not trigger for me sometimes, very random when it wouldn't but I wonder if it could have something to do with the way I constantly press A or D while I am also trying to double jump. I dunno! At first I thought I might be trying to trigger it too fast, but I noticed some fails even when I gave it time to cool down.

anyway GREAT JOB on the game, you made a really cool thing here !


Thanks for the great comment and feedback!  Art is my strong point, and I'm new to coding and sound design  You are right about the first jellyfish guy, you gotta kill him in order to continue.  (He is marked as an 'enemy' in the wave spawner, so he has to be killed for the boss to spawn doh~~ lol)  I will fix this after the jam~  I will check the double jump thanks for letting me know!  I think maybe my ground detection is too small, so if you jump to close to the edge it doesn't work right hehe.  Thanks again for playing and the feedback!