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Thank you so much! I'm still working on the game and I'm currently adapting it for multiplayer support. Looking forward to releasing it :)

I've taken note of your comment on the velocity vector. I appreciate it!

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Awesome, thanks!

Is the multiplayer going to be optional?? I reeeeally enjoy this as a chill single-player relaxation experience, and I'd hope you don't get rid of the single-player option in lieu of multiplayer.

Also, in addition to the velocity vector marker, I have a few other suggestions, if you're interested?


A.) An autorun hotkey, such as 'NumLock' or 'Tilde' which would act as the player pressing and holding the 'W' key. I've found myself spending an incredibly long amount of time trying to walk from one resource to the next, even with a hoverbike. So much that my fingers got sore. I think autorun would really increase QOL.

B.) 'C' to crouch while walking around

C.) Either middle mouse click to toggle, or right mouse click-and-hold for "mouse-look" mode, allowing player to look around while in pilot seat without turning ship.

D.) The ability to combine stacks of items. For example, I have one stack of 5, and another of 7, of the same item. I should be able to make this a stack of 12.

E.) An altimeter.

F.) A flashlight, for exploring the night side of planets.


A.) A wider variety of window pieces, to match the existing wall and floor structure elements, such as a flat horizontal window, so that we can look above or below our ship, and the slanted / corner pieces. This will help us build nicer cockpits.

B.) 2 new types of splitters, similar to the existing one, but for fuel. One of which should have 1 female socket, and 3 male sockets, allowing for a single tank to feed multiple tanks. The other, which has 3 female sockets and 1 male socket, so that multiple fuel tanks could all be feed into a single thruster (such as main engines, which need more fuel).

C.) Steerable motorized wheels, so that the player could create a land-buggy that doesn't rely on rocket engines, and is easier to turn. Maybe this would need a new type of equipment (battery), and a new type of material (Nickel?) to charge the battery with.

D.) Buildable storage crate, that we can place in our ship, to act as a fixed-based inventory, separate from our on-person inventory.


A.) Would be cool if the planets rotated, creating a day/night cycle.

B). More star systems!!!

C.) Clouds.

That's enough suggestions for now, I think, lol. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for all the suggestions :)

Don't worry about the single-player mode. I play mostly solo, and it's super important for me that the game works well in single-player too.

Also, I saw you joined the Discord server! You can share what you have built with us if you want. I would love to see it!

Will do! I'm in the midst of a truly MASSIVE project. I'm attempting a scale reproduction of the S.S. Botany Bay, from Star Trek TOS. It's 7 stories tall...   and gonna take me some time. But I'll certainly grab some screenshots and share some progress soon.

This is insane hahaha. Remember to save often because you'll certainly push the game to its limit!  I'm looking forward to seeing your creation

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Absolutely expecting some challenges, lol. By the way, what is the size of the individual floor tiles? Are they 3 feet  / 1 meter squares? 2 foot squares? Some other measurement? This information will help me accurately build my ship to scale.


They are exactly 1 meter in size