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Thanks for all the suggestions :)

Don't worry about the single-player mode. I play mostly solo, and it's super important for me that the game works well in single-player too.

Also, I saw you joined the Discord server! You can share what you have built with us if you want. I would love to see it!

Will do! I'm in the midst of a truly MASSIVE project. I'm attempting a scale reproduction of the S.S. Botany Bay, from Star Trek TOS. It's 7 stories tall...   and gonna take me some time. But I'll certainly grab some screenshots and share some progress soon.

This is insane hahaha. Remember to save often because you'll certainly push the game to its limit!  I'm looking forward to seeing your creation

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Absolutely expecting some challenges, lol. By the way, what is the size of the individual floor tiles? Are they 3 feet  / 1 meter squares? 2 foot squares? Some other measurement? This information will help me accurately build my ship to scale.


They are exactly 1 meter in size