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Thank you for your comments and suggestions! There's this one suggestion I'm wondering about though: 

Should have a thing where the build tool just builds normal buildings until you add a steering controls so people can just make lil bases.(maybe when it’s a base and not a ship the build pieces snap level so they aren’t leaning on hills and stuff)

I'm not sure what you mean by that. Like a way to build a base that is snapped to the terrain? (maybe an example from another game could help me get it)

Again, thanks for your comment and I'm glad you had fun :)

Thanks :) Otrera A as a purple planet sounds cool.

Thank you for your comment and suggestions! I'm glad you guys enjoyed the game.

Yeah, it's a bug in the current version where large ships will disappear when there are too many tiles. There's a fix coming in the next update. Your ship will be fine :)

Thank you for the suggestion! In the meantime you can use a kind of sandbox mode. Simply enable the dev tools in the options menu and press F1 for fly mode or F2 for free resources.

After you have enabled the dev tools and pressed F2, you should be able to place objects without costing anything.

It's not obvious when it's activated so you should try to place parts to see if it's working.

Thank you for your comment and feedback! I took note of your suggestions.

Thank you for the suggestions!

Thank you! One of my goals with this game was to make it easy to get into and start playing. I'm glad you noticed :)

I'd like to bring the game to steam at some point. For now, I like to keep it on Itch to get feedback and improve the game.

Hello! I'm glad you enjoyed the game with your friends. Here are some answers to your questions:

  1. I don't know about automation, but an electric grid is something I'd like to try out.
  2. I plan to make exploration more interesting. That may include structures to check out.
  3. Painting is a pretty cool idea. I might check it in the future, but I'm not prioritizing it right now.
  4. I aim for the game to be a sandbox/exploration type game (think Minecraft or Astroneer) there will probably be a goal, but the bulk of the game is mostly building and exploring.
  5. There's currently a single solar system, but I'd like to add interstellar travel to check out other stars and planets.

Thank you for your other suggestions! I've taken note of them :)

Thank you! If you have any questions regarding how the asteroids are generated in the game, I'd be happy to help.

Thanks for the feedback! Were you able to craft a ship with the starting materials?

I'm glad you liked it! English is not my main language either, and I appreciate that you took the time to write this :)

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Thank you for the feedback! I've taken note of your suggestions and a lot of them align with where I want the game to go.

I'm most excited about docking and seeing what kind of ships people start to build!

Thank you so much for the kind comment!

It's possible to donate on my ko-fi page if you want to support the game:

As for the keymapping, there's no way to configure it right now. It's a feature I'm planning to add in a future update. What were the keys you wanted to rebind?

With the dev tools enabled, you can press F1 for fly mode and F2 for free resources.

Asteroid mining is pretty difficult. Make sure you bring your ship to a full stop near an asteroid before going out to mine. Once you leave your ship, you can move around in space and reach resources. You can check the controls for moving on this page.

Thank you for your comment and suggestion! 

Btw you can retrieve a ship/base by placing a beacon part on it. The targeting computer will let you select the beacon you placed.

Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to write this! That's very encouraging to read <3

Thanks :) I think clouds would be awesome too.

Thank you for your suggestions!

Thank you! I'm still working on it and I'm glad to read that it works well enough on lower end hardware.

Thank you for your suggestion! I'm glad you liked the game.

Thank you! Were there bugs that you found particularly frustrating?

It sounds like the same issue that Weapon100 has reported bellow. Unfortunately, I don't think there's much you can do for now.

I don't think there's much you can do on your side. If you want, you could send me your log file to help me investigate the issue. It's called "logs.txt" in the game's directory that you extracted. Make sure to edit it to make sure no personal info are in there.

You can reach me on Discord or Twitter through DMs. (The links are in the game description). I also have an email: (I don't look at it that much though).

Thanks :)

Hi :) First off, thank you for trying out my game! The bug you encountered fits what some other players have experienced. Players using embedded intel GPUs have issues with the procedural generation. Are you running the game on a laptop by any chance?

Wow thank you so much for taking the time to write this! This is the exact kind of experience I want to give with this game and I'm glad you enjoyed it. This made my day :)

Physics can get weird when landing or upside down. It's something I'll have to look into. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for your comment :) I'd like to better understand what killed you in the game and what was frustrating. Was it falling from the ship?

Thank you! I don't have a Patreon or anything like that right now. I might set it up later.

Enemies or ground vehicles are not planned right now, but I might consider it as the game evolves. 

As for the movement in space, I'm currently working on a fix for the spaceship movement that sometimes gets unstable in space. There are still some issues with the player's movements. I'll have to look into that too.

Thanks! I'm focusing on core features right now before adding new content, but more planets to explore is definitely something I'd like to add in the future.

I'm happy to see you're anticipating the next update! I don't know when it will come out though because there are too many tasks that I'm unfamiliar with.

That being said, I'm working hard on it and you can check the Discord for weekly updates :)

Thank you! Is there a specific part you found difficult? like bringing your ship to a stop or navigating around outside your ship?

They are exactly 1 meter in size

This is insane hahaha. Remember to save often because you'll certainly push the game to its limit!  I'm looking forward to seeing your creation

Thanks for all the suggestions :)

Don't worry about the single-player mode. I play mostly solo, and it's super important for me that the game works well in single-player too.

Also, I saw you joined the Discord server! You can share what you have built with us if you want. I would love to see it!

Thank you so much! I'm still working on the game and I'm currently adapting it for multiplayer support. Looking forward to releasing it :)

I've taken note of your comment on the velocity vector. I appreciate it!