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I just finished it ♥

It is a truly beauful story about power of love, power of friendship and power of will.

Good and strong heroine betrayed by the ones she trusted the most, has a change to find her revenge with help of demon lord.
She can also find friends and love. :)

One of the best RPG maker games I've ever played!
Battles are challenging. The plot is great. well-done locations, very well-written character with deep and interesting backstories and personalities.
a lot armors, weapons and item to get and use :)
cooking system.

For my fierst play-through I chose  Riliane as love interest and to finish the game with 0 curruption.

♥ I really enjoyed it!

BUT City conquest battles are too complicated. I literally didn't knew what and how to do. I'm very glad it's possible to ask Gaia to be the general. You should add some special tutorial for them.

I'm super happy that you had fun with my little game~
Despite all the engine limitations I did my best to make it good and enjoyable~!

Riliane was definitely fun to write with her innocence and her verbal tics (Quite so!) I was worried I wrote her in a way that would make her seem annoying but I'm glad to see I avoided that~

Ah yes, the city takeover quest, There is a tutorial for it but you only get offered that during the first (optional) city siege. Many people choose the other option and miss it as such. I am trying to make sure it will be offered again if you didn't complete it the first time. But it's rather complicated~!