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Wow, this is beautiful <3

I'd say this isn't a dating sim yet, but it's better than a dating sim! I would love a game that spent less time on(or even skipped over) the "get a date" stage, and more time on the "been dating a while" stage :) Maybe a "what level do you want to start on" kinda option?

The demo has very limited content, and the usual supply of demo bugs(May often stops reacting and just keeps playing her base idle animation, one time watching the first Godzilla movie blocked watching the second, and try talking to her with the speech bubble in her room then over the next few days try watching movies), but it's already at the "where did my hour go" level :)

On the subject of dating sim mechanics, the big one is covered by the TVTrope RelationshipValues. (Really, you can learn a lot about any media genre by spending a saturday afternoon looking it up on TVTropes.) One way to think of it is: How much does she think you're a goofball? How much does she like goofballs? How much does she think you're a gentleman? How much does she like gentlemen? Etc.

A trick with idle animations is to make sets of 3(or more) sub-animations that can all tween into each other, then after each sub-animation pick a random one to go next. 3 idle sub-animations like this will look better than one idle animation 3× as long.

Any plans on adding chargen, at least a gender choice? As a lesbian, every time she referred to me as "guy", and every time the mouse dude appeared in the shot and I had to remember that's supposed to be me, it was jarring.

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That's a lot to put on one man but it would be nice to have such a dating sim with that level of detail, might I add. Maybe it would be feasible if he had more than just himself to work on this? #donate_to_this_game


Hm. I think the level of detail is fine; the demo intro blurb mentions "haven't personally played a lot of dating sims so any input will be extremely helpful", so the para on RelationshipValues was intended as kind of a crash course on the subject.

On donation, I'm waiting for something more trustworthy than PayPal, I've had problems with them in the past. Also I've already spent my discretionary budget for the month, and I probably won't get approval to go over that for a video game. But the demo's already good enough I plan on setting aside some of next month's for when another way opens up :D (Hint hint, Terence ;)


I was definitely considering hiring another artist for stylish character designs.

I got your Christmas present by the way, definitely the best one I got this year. Thank you! It means a lot.


I'm actually removing all the non-first person stuff from an upcoming demo since it doesn't quite fit with the rest of it. Not sure where she addresses his gender, maybe she says "dude" at some point. In any case, May is down with girls too which is something that'll be addressed in the next demo.

Any plans for a full on game are still up in the air, so thanks for the feedback!

So there'll be no cut-scenes of May and the player? Or are you making it so you just can't see the player in cut-scenes?


Just for this teaser demo for now, there will definitely be more movie-like cutscenes in the final game to go along with more character options.

Sweet O:) Welcome and thank you for working on this! :)

I played through the demo again, and here's the mentions of his gender I found:

"Jealous? I may have a couple dozen "hazubandos" but I've only got one "booifurendo"."

"Hey, how about you go on the "you already ate and don't get a say in what I have for dinner" diet, Mr. Healthy. I'm hungry for pizza."

"What? It's a thing, Mr. Health nut. I saw a guy do it on the internet. In fact, there's your diet right there. Degrease that sucker."

"Aaaand, you're still carrying an empty backpack and a map… OK dude."

The one I was thinking of was a reply option early on: "It's just a map. A guy can't have a map?" I guess in my head I turned the others into callbacks to that, sorry. (She also refers to Wilson as "guy" once or twice, I probably put him and the mouse dude in the same mental bin.)

I'm not sure about this one, but together with the others it feels like it contributes: "Plus if we were both fat our bellies would smack together when we do it." I could go into details, but… yeah.

Finally, the general stereotype of "you're supposed to like action movies, I'm supposed to like romance movies" seems gender-based… especially since May ends up liking the action movies far more than the romance movies.

(I really do miss her reactions every time I encounter that "no animations" bug <\3)

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two questions then; will you be able to pick your characters "look" or gender? Also, is May only going to have that one outfit?


So far the plan is for each character to have at least one outfit per season, not sure yet how the player character will be handled but gender will definitely be an option and it will factor in to the planned social simulation.