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So, I wanted to let you know that I bought the game yesterday. Yay! It's finally out~

I was able to finally complete all the true endings after a lot of going back and forth. I picked Marco when I first played and was so confused when I kept getting a bad ending and couldn't find all the red clues, not realizing that his was meant to be finished or unlocked last...

I liked that addition to the game though, that you had to unlock a few characters. Let me tell you, it was worth working for! I was not expecting the mindflips, especially after gathering the last clue. After that I was terrified and was even questioning whether I wanted to play that route anymore... :{

Well I was too tempted, so I did anyway. It wasn't what I expected, thank you so much for that. I knew he'd be my favorite, and he totally was. :D

It kinda reminded me of "Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~" in his route. I won't say why since that would spoil both games, but at the same time it does its own thing and is very different obviously.

All in all, I really loved this game. (It's my new favorite :3)

The art was amazing. Some of those backgrounds almost had my mouth wide open they were so magnificent~

And I already said that they writing was messing with my mind sometimes. It was very well written and put together. I don't really have anything critical to say since you fixed the only grammatical mistake that I saw...sorry? :P

I still have CGs and some of the various endings to collect, but I got most of them. I also unlocked the hidden character, who I wasn't expecting. I thought it was going to be someone else. But, it's all good. We can only theorize about that stuff.

To everyone involved, great job! And thank you very much! :)

I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the game! Thank you for taking the time to leave us such wonderful feedback! :)

I'm also glad to hear that the mindflips I planned seemed to work like I wanted them to. :D Ohohoho~

I haven't played Nameless yet, but it's one of the games on my wishlist. Now you have me intrigued, I'll definitely need to check it out sometime.

Again, thank you for playing and sharing your thoughts! You comment made me really happy! ^^

OMG please help me! I have managed to get through all of Apris routes done, including the t/n ones. I've cycles though all the others like 3 times and I am not getting further. I have the bad easy ends and that's it 10 of 20 endings. After Apris who is next and whatsee the order? I have 4/5 red 5/6 green1/2silver 1/2 orange.

Could you bring up the clue chart and tell me which clues in what routes are you missing, specifically?

Actually I figured it out. SOrry. But I am now stuck on Shira's route. I have all the clues except one green and one red. The ones needed for Marco and Feathors routes. Anyway, I am stuck on the poem page name collection. No matter which one I pick, other than the APRIS one, which just tells you DUH lol, I get Bad end B. Even the one I am pretty sure is the right one. ALL options lead to ending B. So I cannot go further in the game. Am I missing something. Routes finished is Apris, Yvonne, Shirr.