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Actually I figured it out. SOrry. But I am now stuck on Shira's route. I have all the clues except one green and one red. The ones needed for Marco and Feathors routes. Anyway, I am stuck on the poem page name collection. No matter which one I pick, other than the APRIS one, which just tells you DUH lol, I get Bad end B. Even the one I am pretty sure is the right one. ALL options lead to ending B. So I cannot go further in the game. Am I missing something. Routes finished is Apris, Yvonne, Shirr.

I am stuck on Shira's route. I have all the clues but on the poem page name, no matter which one I pick, including the one I KNOW is the right answer, I get Bad ending B. Am I missing something?

OMG please help me! I have managed to get through all of Apris routes done, including the t/n ones. I've cycles though all the others like 3 times and I am not getting further. I have the bad easy ends and that's it 10 of 20 endings. After Apris who is next and whatsee the order? I have 4/5 red 5/6 green1/2silver 1/2 orange.