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Hello, I'm back! Previously I played this game literally one day before you uploaded the major update that is basically a remake of the entire game. I think you've done a great job creating something crisper and cleaner and I even think it controls better. I was disappointed to see that suburb mode is gone but I understand you might not have been able to remake that yet so I hope its back in a future update. As you might see at the start of my video I was incredibly excited to play giantess mode but that excitement turned to extreme frustration as I just could not get to the point where I actually get to grow into a giant! I hope it becomes a bit easier to access in the future because I really want to play it! I also think that blue light inside the building teleporting you back to the start of the level before that SUPER long walk is a bad idea as I kept walking into it backwards accidentally. I get decently in the video but don't take it personally! I'll be following the development of the game for sure!

In giantess mode, you need to get the card from the mess hall then go back to the first room with the guards and go in the door around the corner and turn off the power then the door with the red light won't alert the guards. Make sure you shut the door behind you each time you go through the main door. There's a camera screen on the inside of the main door so you can check where the guards are when you exit. Hope this helps. =)