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Demo had me hooked despite never playing VN before. Now though, I think I encountered another bug, unless it's a designated dead-end, because I'm at the fireplace decyphering the poem (about grumpiest name and whatnot), and after chosing what I assume is correct initial name (since I tried selecting others later, but they ended the scene prematurely), I'm asked to choose the altered name. Problem is, no matter what name I choose, the game ends with Shira Bad End 2. I tried all of them and all result in the same ending (the ending art comes after "Did I choose right?" or something like that) and thus I'm unable to continue the game. Am I right to assume it's a bug?

We're happy to hear that! :)

As for the poem... It's actually not a bug! You'll need to figure out the place where that information is needed, first, for the game to tell you whether you got the name right or not. If you got it right, the game will still remember that you got it right, though, and you'll be able to use that information elsewhere once you'll need it.

The clues you gather simply don't show up in the ending screens unless you know what kinds of clues you need to look for in the first place!

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Hm. I'm still a bit confused, but I'll work it out. I took another Shira route in the meantime and boy, I had no idea what I was getting yself into T_T.

Acting upon the feedback I've received, I decided to add a "Clue Chart" to the newest build of the game. It will show you which clues you managed to find (and which you didn't) in a character's route the moment you trigger a single bad ending for that character. You will find this chart in the Quick Menu of the game (right in-between the "Load" and "Settings" buttons). Once you get stuck, the chart should give you some kind of idea what routes to explore in order to advance further. I hope this little addition will help you out!