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Hm. I'm still a bit confused, but I'll work it out. I took another Shira route in the meantime and boy, I had no idea what I was getting yself into T_T.

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Demo had me hooked despite never playing VN before. Now though, I think I encountered another bug, unless it's a designated dead-end, because I'm at the fireplace decyphering the poem (about grumpiest name and whatnot), and after chosing what I assume is correct initial name (since I tried selecting others later, but they ended the scene prematurely), I'm asked to choose the altered name. Problem is, no matter what name I choose, the game ends with Shira Bad End 2. I tried all of them and all result in the same ending (the ending art comes after "Did I choose right?" or something like that) and thus I'm unable to continue the game. Am I right to assume it's a bug?

I bought it as I promised (fellow Pole here), though you might want to know that the full version seems to be not downloadable by client. When clicking install it gives me a prompt to either download prologue (which has file size next to it) or 1.01-all which doesn't have anything next to it. Choosing to install 1.01-all ends download after ~1 second. The only way to download full version atm is directly on web from which has a bandwith quota (had to make an account to download it). You'd probably want to look into it, it's probably an error on's side.

Here's a screenshot from the prompt.