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How do you play? All I can do is lock and unlock doors and I have no idea how that would kill people.

There are other things to interact with then just the doors. You can manipulate the airlocks, the reactor and engines and other stuff.

Yeah, I found out. But I have to say that the game itself is pretty boring. All you have to do to win supposedly is to lock all the people up and kill them one by one. But they always end up glitching through the doors and deactivating your methods of killing them, making you have to wait for way too long to get another chance.

You're right. The game has a ton of flaws.

Bear in mind it's just a prototype made in less than three days.


Oh! Well it's really well made! I mean, if you made that in three days, a couple more days working on it is sure to make the game great! Keep doing what you're doing.

Thank you :)
Ralf and I were talking about extending the game to something bigger a couple of times. But we couldn't find the time to elaborate on it, yet. Y'know, life always gets in the way ;)


Yeah, I know how that feels. I'll be waiting for your next update excitedly. :D