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And I had a blast watching you play it :D Loved the WTF moment as you thought the second level is the same as the first. That's exactly what I wanted to achieve.

I also had to smile when you said that you wanted to place corpses everywhere and I was was like "yeah, wait until the jumpy level".

It's sad that you had to skip twice, but the "take a break" had a similar solution to "can't hear the music". 

Btw. solo game dev here. The name may signal that we are more guys but nope, only me doing everything except the music (because I just hate doing music).

Yeah on the take a break level I honestly never saw the skip button till then so I thought that was the solution. But the jumpy level will forever haunt me. But it was a great game you made. I do regret that I had to skip twice but at least that was it.

yeah, maybe I remove the skip button for that level. The jumpy level is also the hardest for me. Killed my perfect score of only 1 death. BTW. The game was made within one week for a game jam and it is now also available in the Google play store.