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My review (everyone who hasn't played this yet, beware of spoilers please):

The cutscenes were incredibly well done, very cinematic! The way the story was told was very engaging.

I'm glad I saved the good ending for last. It was surprisingly sweet and left a very moving, important final message about what really matters in life.

The superficiality of the other love interests would have left a bitter aftertaste instead if they had been my latter or only choices - although I'm aware that those particular characters are not supposed to be good people, so this fits the narrative design. The description certainly isn't lying when it comes to some of those outcomes being truly miserable.

My favorite part of the game would have to be the main character's arc. I thought he was kinda scummy at first (after all, you can't progress to any of the endings until you have hit on every single one of the  3 female coworkers) but the good ending put it all into perspective.


That was an amazing review!  I can see that you really enjoyed it and nothing could make me happier than someone enjoying the experience I created.