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Off the bat, I gotta say it was surprisingly easy for me to get into Ethan's shoes. And as soon as Kaya showed up, my exact thoughts were "OH NO SHE'S CUTE"

I think my favorite aspect is the way the characters can discuss philosophy, their careers, self-termination, and other more abstract ideas, and it's a surprisingly natural back-and-forth. You write conversations very well once the characters get going.

Once she mentions that she's an android evaluator though... damn. That's a hook. That immediately had me wondering and coming up with theories -- one of them is an android, right? But which one? Is Kaya using the date as a premise to evaluate Ethan??

(But nah, once she tried to drive after drinking a bunch, I got the hint.)

Ohhhhh but then there was a twist I was not expecting... I won't talk about it here. I'm just gonna say, this was worth the download and the experience. The game is heavy on the exposition at times, but overall has good worldbuilding and an interesting plot. Nice job, my dude. :)

Oh wow! O///O Thank you so much!!! I'm really happy that you liked my game and the issues I wanted to talk about came across right and eloquent. I'm also very amused by your whole experience speculating who was a robot and who wasn't >: )

Thank you again for your support and playing the game to the end! It means a lot to me and I believe it's very important in these jams to give other participants' games a try and sharing your thoughts.