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I enjoyed checking out this demo, so I included a quick glimpse of its footage in my bonus games! It controlled well overall and the semi-surreal aesthetic is really cool. I'm interested to see how the design progresses with each stage. 

While I know it was your design choice to have the background sparse, I would have loved to see you do something visually stunning with it that complements the platforms.

The only question I had in the demo was with the bomb animation. I'm not sure if it's supposed to have sound and visuals when you use it? For me, the area I used it on just disappeared and I wasn't even near it yet. 

Thanks tenchfroast. 

That's interesting to note about the sound regarding the bomb. Yes, once you plant  the bomb or fire it at an enemy, there should be a generic explosion sound. We'll have a good look through the levels and see if we can replicate the issue you're having.