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Really great work on this so far! I included it in my list. I'm looking forward to seeing how the environment opens up and how the story unfolds. The demo did a good job of establishing the overall look and tone and some of the core mechanics but not the story the game will explore, so that's what I'm most curious about.  

One thing I'd love to see is a quicker response from NPCs and the characters when interacting with things or speaking. I feel like it takes a second for the characters to perform or react when I choose a dialogue option or action, which drags the game's pacing a bit. It may be how the animation is implemented. Otherwise, love what you've got at this point and good luck with the full release!

Thanks a lot for your opinion!
Regarding the NPC response time, it depends on the cycle of animation. Since we preferred to have a smooth transition between the NPC idle action and the talk, means that before going into "talking" animation, it has to finish the "idle" one (and not cutting it abruptly). If you are lucky and you are at the end of the animation, the transition could be immediate or half a second, if you are unlucky, it could take up to 2 seconds (but never longer than 2 seconds, i.e. one animation cycle).

Regarding the story itself, we didn't want to spoil much about it... but good that you are curious to know more!

Thanks for the response! I figured it was something like that. It isn't a game breaking issue at all, the animation is well done and I think ultimately the presentation and the story as it unfolds will make up for any extra time in the interactions. Again, great job!

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