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You can run but you can’t hide!

Alright new devlog and new cool details added :- 1- Polished the dash effect (the speed of it and added new dusty effect)

2- Added swoosh effect to the sword attack which helps indicate if you really laded your hit or not

3- Enemies can follow you around and even jump (yup nothing can stop them … well almost!)

4- Sword attack now feels heavy and cool (new technique to measure if a hit is landed, more precise controls, new effects)

5- Screen shake is now implemented (Thanks a lot to my friend Kink and his awesome help)

6- Miko is now faster, more precise when he moves (A problem I had in Miko’s Adventures where the controls weren’t the tightest).

7- Almost every action have a cool down now, means you need to be strategic about using your weapons and tools.

8- Enemies are now faster, more determined (And they will be even more determined in the future as I might use a new technique for them to move around the world “still in progress”).

9- Bullet time is added when an enemy dies, giving you a a sign that you killed that enemy (Thanks for Kink’s help).

10- A lot more (But I promise I will cover them in future updates)

That’s all for now! I hope you like what you see so far :slight_smile: