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I'll have to come back to this -- but so far I've gotten arguably three endings -- 

One where I refused to talk to Chris (and had a very cute moment with the game menu telling me it wasn't sure it had "quitting" figured out yet. Very charming approach, especially with the countdown).

One where I talked to Chris about their cat a bunch (Big Mood -- I just got a kitten and my eldest also has ckd), and then the camera... abruptly panned down, leading me to believe that my dude was fantasizing about jumping off?? This led me to think there was a suicide ending in here, so I set out in search of that.

But then I got the one ending where I find my own a cat after talking to Chris, and I don't really wanna find the suicide ending anymore... This is the best ending.... 

I really like the talking blip sounds that the characters use, and the way "LEAP" was animated at the beginning. Like I said, I'm gonna have to come back, but this game has already achieved a contemplative, morose atmosphere with little more than the strength of its music choice and dialogue. 

I just want to say thank you for playing my game! I'd never programmed anything in unity before so most of the jam was spent just learning how functions worked, then my dentist decided it was the perfect time to pull my wisdom teeth and I ended up writing everything on Thursday/Friday it was so insane haha.

The cat endings are the best endings :) I'm so happy you've gotten something out of it, that's the best feeling in the world knowing that!