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Thank you so much for your kind words and feedback!

I'm so passionately for having numbered abilities! It was on the back of my mind for ages, but for some reason I never added them... maybe I got a little bit bogged down with other updates :'<

(Current roadmap for context:

After your comment, though, I'm definitely planning to add numbered abilities on the Gameplay Switch 2 update (currently working on Equippable Items). Comfort of life feedback like right clicking to cancel the currently selected attack is great too!! I wrote both of these down in my Todo list (with credit to you) and frankly I can't wait to add them :D


Great, looking forward to the next update!

Half a year later, I finally added these two features! so thank you (again) for your feedback.
It too me 4 months or so to finish adding equipment and another month to add a whole lot of stuff from the Gameplay Switch 2 update- might post a dev log about it tomorrow.
-planning on adding some new content next :D