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Hmm... interesting idea!! 

I think you mean "the number of villages is greater than cities which are greater than countries", right? (:

The next thing I wanted to add after finishing up the rivers is roads- but maybe after I do add roads I could try to add more cities and change their appearance too. Perhaps the size of the country or prevalence of a city would affect its size?

The idea with the current system is that black points are "capitals" or central hubs, while grey points can be villages or important spots- but I definitely don't mind expanding on that with future settings and additions, like you suggestion above (: I'll have to make sure it doesn't make the map look way too crowded though, haha

If you want to be notified when I update this project you can follow me on Itch, regularly check / back me on the Patreon, or alternatively I could just let you know with a reply to your comment if and when this feature is added (Though I'd love to try to add it as soon as I'm done with rivers, roads and routes!)

Cheers and thanks for the suggestion!!

Thank you so much for the kind comment!

What do you mean with "a hierarchy of cities -> villages > countries"? (:
I'd love to give users the ability to change the minimum and maximum places of note (gray) in the future, though- and for now you can also edit maps to suite you better after downloading them, with paint or my new personal favorite pixel art software, Piskel! (or any other pixel editing software for that matter!)

Thank you so much! And...

Just wait- I'm planning to add optional roads and rivers soon too! Hopefully by next Monday or next next Monday :D

That's awesome! I'm really happy to hear that, hope your campaign goes well! (:

Share some cool relics you've generated :D

Share your thoughts here! (:

I added the speed & water spread difficulty settings to the world map generator- also, the relic generator is finally up- enjoy! (:

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Just wait- I'm planning to sprinkle in some new features by next Monday (hopefully) + a whole new relic generator!! :D

Also thanks, I'm really happy you liked it! Your comment made my day (:

Hey, I'm really happy you enjoyed the generator!! (:

I'm... honestly not sure exactly sure how to add that right now, but other people have asked for it so I might add it someday in the future- I won't add it just yet but I am planning to update the generator every now and then, so if you follow me on you might get notified if and when I do- alternatively, you can just check the generator again in a few month to a year lol

In the meantime, I think the closest thing to that would downloading a map with "Size Up 1" (Meaning 250x250 pixels) and editing it in paint or whichever program you wish (;

Great idea!!!
I might take a few weeks before I add it properly, but in the meantime you can use the downloadable version to download maps at 250x250 pixels and edit them in paint or your favorite graphics editor.

Hmm... what do you mean? Like a grid overlay?

Thank you for trying it out!! I'm planning on updating this map generator and making more awesome stuff, so follow me if you wanna see more (:

Thank you so much, and please go ahead! Feel free to use it for any project you wish (but especially games). Credit is nice but it's not required! (:

Yeah! Just type your seed, disable the "randomize land seed" option and hit "generate map"- it should generate your selected land seed right away (:

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Thank you a lot for the comment and kind words, I'm really, really, (really!) glad to hear that! :D Hope you generate some awesome worlds!

Also, if you ever want to (and can) support my work on this generator or any future ones, you can do so here. Cheers!

Oh- my bad, I didn't mean I'd expand something about the nations being surrounded but just the generator and its features in general.

I'm really glad you liked it! :D And I'll need that luck, haha.

If you wanna see this project grow, please follow me here (or on reddit)- I'll be posting more about it in the future! (:

I might expand it a bit further, but I don't want to add a war system;

After all, the fun of worldbuilding comes from the world-builder deciding which nation is in war, or not (:

Also, just because a nation is surrounded doesn't mean it's in war! For example, the Vatican in Italy.

Oh yeah, I think someone else also requested this feature.

I definitely think this is something I can add in the next few weeks (:

Arr, let us colonize these islands together, matey!

Thank you!! 🙌

Share your creations!

Anything goes here!

Half a year later, I finally added these two features! so thank you (again) for your feedback.
It too me 4 months or so to finish adding equipment and another month to add a whole lot of stuff from the Gameplay Switch 2 update- might post a dev log about it tomorrow.
-planning on adding some new content next :D

Thank you so much for and for the amazing site it is. Here's to 200,000 more!!

Thank you so much for your kind words and feedback!

I'm so passionately for having numbered abilities! It was on the back of my mind for ages, but for some reason I never added them... maybe I got a little bit bogged down with other updates :'<

(Current roadmap for context:

After your comment, though, I'm definitely planning to add numbered abilities on the Gameplay Switch 2 update (currently working on Equippable Items). Comfort of life feedback like right clicking to cancel the currently selected attack is great too!! I wrote both of these down in my Todo list (with credit to you) and frankly I can't wait to add them :D

Really enjoyed it :D It's easy to get sucked in and lose an hour just slaying enemies (':

Thank you so much Anthony, that comment made my day! (:

In the near future the biggest challenge to graphical consistency is going to be the UI, but I'm looking forward to tackling this challenge with new areas/locations/levels further down the line :D (And to creating new levels in general!!)

Thank you so much! if and when I get it on steam and once it's more complete, I'll at least send a key your way, just for saving me by telling me about this bug :D

AAAH I'm so sorry, there was something very broken with the build I put out. Thank you so much for spotting it and telling me about it, I owe you one, I also apologize if I sounded suspicious or so earlier. I'm rebuilding it now as well. Can you please tell me if it works whenever you have time to try it out?

What happened? Did you fire everybody? If so, currently the only option is to start a new game.

Thanks for the feedback though- and please keep in mind Netherguild is in early alpha, so problems like this are expected and will be solved in future updates.

Hearing that after months of hard work and self doubt means so much, thank you kaizle!!! I hope it'll be even more amazing in the future :D

A familiar face :D Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

Hey Hallgrim! 'tis @DavidCodeAndArt from twitter, and I really enjoyed playing this game!

First of all, it looks great, the tutorial text is also really well written, adding to the feel of the world.
In the level select, the size differences between the level names looks a bit odd, maybe have the max or min size be a little bit less further apart.
Maybe make trees green when you hover on them, or have an effect when you click on them to feel more interactive. However, I'm sure that'll also come with more sound.
The puzzles are challenging, but feel more intuitive after you solve some of them, which makes it super-satisfying.

Overall, I can't wait to see where this game is heading! Good luck on the rest of your development (;

Sent (;

Sure! that would be great- since it might help me focus on other aspects of the project such as coding it or writing events :D

If you want to, you could mail me your Skype name and I'll be more than happy to add you and discuss the project with you!

Thanks a lot of the offer, Luke!

I really appreciate you allowing me to check out your hard worked code- I'd love to take a look at it in the future (or maybe even once or twice during this competition) and learn more about procedural generation from it.

However, I was planning more on a top down approach- and yeah, it takes time to become better at procedural generation- but hey, that's what makes it so fun, and that's why we're here (;

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I was thinking about doing a 2D top down roguelike (RPG, probably?) for this one- currently trying to understand the map generation technology.

And yes! Cuphead, Galak-z and Broforce are great Unity 2D titles- and examples that Unity can have amazing 2D games.

I'm considering working with some other people for this jam- if you feel like joining me, then just email me at: and tell me a bit about yourself. All are welcome! Artists, programmers, writers, or anybody else!


I'm going to be using Unity, so I won't really be able to join programmers that use any other engines or tools for this Jam- just a heads up.

You're welcome, I'm glad I could help!

There's a lot of things that are better n your version than his, though- like the screenshake not having a weird angle change and the ability to actually see your enemies, even when there's a lot of blood on the floor.

Maybe less speed, less health, or a smaller field of view would be better for the blue enemies- but they definitely deserve some "nerf".

I did, and don't remember it particularly? I think it was the one where I was at first overwhelemed, but gained control after a bit.

Oh, that would be interesting. Maybe there could be some stealth levels or something.

I'm not sure about the second one you mentioned, but I think you should definitely try it, polish it and evaluate it once it's done.

This is a pretty interesting game- and definitely a great one, as your first project!

First of all, I would like to say that shooting enemies in this game is really fun- even though it's sometimes hard to directly hit enemies with the spread of the shots, the sound effects and the splatter all contribute to a nice experience. I also liked the size of the bullets as well- since most people try to use tiny bullets in their first game (for realistic-ness and accuracy) and fail.

In addition to that, the maps are usually fun, unless there's blue goop cornering you, and then you're usually done for.

There was one big problem that annoyed me a lot, though, and it is enemies spawning on top of me. I was standing near the edge of the map, and died 3 times in a row without any solid reason.

Maybe spawning the enemies at a certain random distance from the player, or having a hole or a gate that indicate that enemies would spawn out of them can solve that- and there's probably a ton of other ways to fix that, so I don't think that should be much of a problem to fix.

The first time I faced the one-eyed blue goo monster, I was killed shortly after- it takes several deaths to get adjusted to the blue monster, and the ability to run away from it depends on the amount of red monsters on the map and their spread.

There was some time when I was cornered by a mob of red monsters on one side, and a blue monster on the other- it was a pretty hopeless situation, that I guess could've been prevented by me avoiding the blue monster or running away from it without shooting it- but not always it's possible to run away from the blue monster while avoiding the red ones and still feel skilled, or not die.

However- I though that the green monsters + red monsters combination was really clever- the green monsters were stuck every now and then, but in the end, they were a pretty fun challenge. In addition to that, I liked how the eyes of the red monsters become a bit bigger when they notice you, and the fact that blue monster blood makes red monsters slower. The synergy between the monsters is definitely a strong part of this game, and it would be interesting to see similar stuff in other games- since this is more than enemies complimenting each other, but rather enemies affecting each other in interesting ways.

Technically, a similar thing would be an enemy cleric healing his fellow enemies, or an enemy mage buffing other enemies, but besides that I can't think of many examples of enemies affecting other enemies, in ways different than adding more firepower to their side or acting as meat shields. It would definitely be interesting to see something similar in a rogue-like (or rogue-lite, however you may call them), I think.

Also, the flashlight level is really interesting. I'd love to see a blue monster in a dark environment with a few red enemies, I think that would make for something interesting- but that's just an untested hypothesis, hehe