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I hope there's more memory for sprites (like in 8-bit NES), because almost all virtual console not have so much memory for graphics.
(Tic-80, Pico-8, Liko-12 not good for artist who wanna to make Pokemon, Shin Megami Tensei or Dragon Quest games with many monsters)


Hi. LowRes NX has a limited video RAM for 256 characters. This is what you can show on screen at the same time. BUT: You can store several character sets in one cartridge/program and copy them dynamically to VRAM. So different scenes in a game can use different character sets. You can even combine them, e.g. 128 fix characters for the whole game and 128 for the current level.

Thanks! Sounds cool!
I hope there's some examples in documentation how to use VRAM and copy some sprites.


Not directly, it's quite low-level. Please check the documentation chapters "Memory Access" (COPY command) and "Hardware Reference" (about character data).

The call will look somehow like this, but you'll have to adjust the parameters: 

COPY ROM(3),$400 TO $8000