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Hi. I'm not planning exporters, but I have a simple HTML template, which you can use:

 I like to keep LowRes NX as an own platform, not as a tool to create games for other platforms. The user should know about the existence of LowRes NX and about its limitations.

The Game Gear could only show 32 colors at once, picked from 4096 (12-bit RGB). I guess in PV8 you can pick from 16 million colors...

It's open source, you can just remove the MUSIC command ;)

How does rating work now? I don't see anything...

Not directly, it's quite low-level. Please check the documentation chapters "Memory Access" (COPY command) and "Hardware Reference" (about character data).

The call will look somehow like this, but you'll have to adjust the parameters: 

COPY ROM(3),$400 TO $8000

Hi. LowRes NX has a limited video RAM for 256 characters. This is what you can show on screen at the same time. BUT: You can store several character sets in one cartridge/program and copy them dynamically to VRAM. So different scenes in a game can use different character sets. You can even combine them, e.g. 128 fix characters for the whole game and 128 for the current level.