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When you say "separately", are you just downloading 'CHIMERIC VIOLET Release (16/07/19)'.zip normally, extracting it and running 'Game.exe'?

Through just testing that again now, there appeared to be no issues - please let me know exactly what you're doing to help determine where the problem is.

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I tried to upload the both directly from the link in the above text (unzipping and playing game.exe)  and from the Itch link below and launching it. I always get the same thing : a very long time beginning screen (more than 5mn), then a still page with NEW GAME blinking but nothing appears when you try to click on it. Then nothing.

Only once there was a kind of beginning of story with the list of contributors and it stopped on a page with ORRIS and another character with the text : "They have advanced both sides ...". There was a down arrow below the text but clicking anywhere did nothing.

I have never played the game before and never seen the previous release. So I didn't upload the small file attached, nor the sound files.

I am now trying to reinstall the game from Itch and will let you know.